Hello Everyone,

A couple of words about me:

My name is Robert Harnagea, I am a web designer and developer. Originally, I am from Romania, but moved to Vancouver, Canada a couple of years ago and discovered a new perspective on people and life in general.

I grew up with a passion for IT since high school. I even borrowed money from a bank to buy my first computer.

I started web coding as a self taught...here in Canada though, I decided to take this passion to a professional level.

When I am not in front of my computer I like to do hiking, snowboarding and hang out with my friends. Oh...and I am a Armin van Buuren fan.

Technical skills:

  • Web skills:
  • AdvancedHTML5, XML
  • AdvancedCSS
  • AdvancedAJAX
  • Content Management System:
  • IntermediaryWordpress
  • Intermediary / AdvancedTumblr
  • AdvancedDISQUS
  • Back End Skills:
  • AdvancedPHP and Perl
  • IntermediaryJava
  • BeginneriOS
  • Front End Skills:
  • AdvancedJavaScript
  • AdvancedjQuery
  • AdvancedTwitter Bootstraps
  • Database Skills:
  • AdvancedPostgreSQL
  • AdvancedMySQL
  • AdvancedMS SQL Server
  • Other Skills:
  • AdvancedLinux, Mac OSX, Windows
  • IntermediaryBash
  • IntermediarySVN, GutHub